My Refrigerated Basics

Being vegan does not mean you have to give up your everyday kitchen essentials– there are a ton of vegan replacements that are just as delicious. See the round up of my vegan refrigerated essentials.

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FoodElizabeth Almgren
My Daily Sunscreen and How I Choose It

I’ve always been aware of the importance of putting sunscreen on daily. However, I’m not a morning person (I choose sleep), and between running around to get my dog fed/walked each day, and the daily race to get to the office at a decent hour, I spent most of my twenties skipping the SPF during my AM routine…If I’m being honest, there were days where just getting my face washed and moisturized felt like task enough.

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BeautyElizabeth Almgren
Cruelty-Free Guide to #NSale

We're kind of obsessed with the attention that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is getting this year. It's like every day our favorite bloggers and influencers share new top picks that are so cute and, duh, on sale! Who can say no to that?

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StyleElizabeth Almgren
Thoughts on going Vegan and Living Cruelty Free

Why did I go vegan? It’s hard to pinpoint. Early on, I went through periods of not eating pork because of a sweet pet pig I met when I was 5. I cut out dairy at certain points during my early 20s because I read about the negative effects it has on skin. Heading down the vegan path, there’s usually one thing that pushes you to make the leap, but as I researched being a pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, it became a snowball effect.

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V LifeElizabeth Almgren