My Daily Sunscreen and How I Choose It

Two weeks ago Elizabeth shared with you a little bit about her favorite body sunscreen (check it out here!). Today I thought I’d borrow from that inspiration, and chat a little bit about my go-to face sunscreen.

I’ve always been aware of the importance of putting sunscreen on daily. However, I’m not a morning person (I choose sleep), and between running around to get my dog fed/walked each day, and the daily race to get to the office at a decent hour, I spent most of my twenties skipping the SPF during my AM routine…If I’m being honest, there were days where just getting my face washed and moisturized felt like task enough.

Then, I entered my 30s, moved from New York to a city that sits a mile closer to the sun (hiya, Denver), and wised up. Since then I’ve been testing different everyday sunscreens and a few months back fell in love with Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen.


As I was analyzing different daily sunscreens over the last year+, the first thing I looked at (aside from making sure the product and brand were both Cruelty-Free) was texture. I layer sunscreen over my moisturizer and my skin can’t handle thick products, or products that add together to become thick. Supergoop passed the test for being airy, lightweight, and quick to absorb. Next, I wore it everyday for a week to make sure it didn’t lead to breakouts in my sensitive skin. Again, it passed with flying colors. You see, this face sunscreen was developed specifically for sensitive skin with the inclusion of olive polyphenols which soothe irritation and calm the skin (hallelujah). Lastly, I looked at its actual funcationality – how well does it protect against sun damage. I tested it as I ran between meetings around town, as I hiked the nearby mountains, I even used this exclusively during a weeklong vacation to Maui in April. The verdict, this product works. It protected me from sunburns, and, equally important, protected me from developing sun spots which I am prone to get with the wrong product.

BOTTOM LINE :: If you are looking for a light weight, and very effective sunscreen for daily use, Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen is tops!

Buy directly from Supergoop, or at Sephora

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