Sunscreen Winner

I have survived the last two years in the sun without sunburns and I credit Alba Botanica sunscreen. Granted my time in the sun usually includes an umbrella, hat, and the occasional long sleeve one-piece, but for those moments swimming in the water, hiking, or a bike-ride, Alba sunscreen is the winning pick. Alba gets the E&K vegan and cruelty-free stamp of approval and more importantly is on EWG list of safe suncreens.


I nearly jumped for joy when I saw the lavender scented sunscreen. I find lavender to be so calming for my psyche so I'm always preferential to it. The sport sunscreen is ideal for any outdoor activities due to its sweat resistance, it does not move. I prefer to wear it if I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the water. The Hawaiian sunscreen is my husband's preference because it's the closest smell to his Coppertone sunscreen days. Finally, the facial sunscreen is great for any sun activities, fragrance free is always a plus for any face products. Alba Botanica sunscreen is available on their website and Target, but I usually pick it up at Wholefoods.

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One-piece, J.Crew- Sold out. Similar  Here ,  Here,   SPF Hat

One-piece, J.Crew- Sold out. Similar Here, Here, SPF Hat

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