E&K Beauty Buzz - Kai Body Butter

After a move from the East Coast to Denver two years ago, my skin has taken a serious hydration hit. Winters in Colorado live up to the hype - beautiful, but DRY. I’ve tried countless body balms, oils, lotions & soaks, and nothing works quite as well as Kai’s Body Butter. Typically I apply from shoulder to shin just before bed. Though lately I've also been applying in the morning after I shower and have been getting so many compliments on the scent as I go about my day! While Kai also sells a body lotion that works great for my Summer skin; my Winter skin is in dire straights - anyone else in the same boat? - and, this beautifully thick (though somehow at the same time lovely and light) body butter is tops in my rotation for body care right now.



What we like: This butter is thick and luxurious, yet, at the same time, is quick to absorb so you it doesn't rub off on sheets, or PJs, or your favorite day time outfit. On top of functionality, this body butter, like all Kai products, has the most delightful scent without being overwhelming. For the driest winter skin, this product is a must!

What to expect: A subtle, dewy glow immediately after applying. A realization after the first application that this product is totally worth the price tag. 

Price: $52

Where to Buy: Nordstrom, Kai Fragrance