Coffee with a Splash of Vegan Cream

I grew up a part of a big dairy-family. As a child, I had a glass of milk every night with dinner because it "keeps bones strong". Into my teenage and adult years, I frequently had yogurt for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack. I'm not even going to begin to reflect on my cheese consumption. But since meeting my fiancĂ©, my dairy intake has dropped drastically. My fiance's mother regularly reminds us "do you know we are the only mammal to drink the milk of another mammal"? Kinda puts it all into perspective when you think of it that way. I truly believe that our bodies are not meant to digest dairy. Letting go of that glass of milk and yogurt was easy. But as I move towards a vegan diet, there are a few staples that are harder to let go, one such item being half and half. My morning coffee ritual is my favorite part of the day, I love waking up with my coffee, it's so delicious, it makes me a happier person. My fiance teases me that I have cream with a splash of coffee.


And so the last few months I have experimented with vegan cream options. With soy and almond products, I tend towards almond based because it includes more vitamins. But almond milk alone would require a cup to get the color consistency I need with my coffee, that lovely, ivory color. After trying different options, I have found the best half and half replacement - Califa Farms Better Half Creamer.  It's available at Whole Foods, and also possible to buy over the internet. I buy the the original with coconut cream & almond milk. Runner up, and my fiance's preference due to a less coconut-y taste, goes to Organic Valley Soy Creamer. I no longer think of dairy free creamer as a replacement, it's delicious with my coffee.

FoodElizabeth Almgren