A Cruelty-Free Candle Brand To Flip Over

We've been grappling with the question "what makes a candle cruelty-free?" We know to avoid candles produced with animal-derived products (tallow, stearic acid, beeswax), but what about candles with paraffin? With lead core wicks? Where does the cruelty-free crusade end?


It can be a confusing topic, and we're working to sort this out for you guys. In the meantime, we discovered LEIF and had to share. LEIF candles are literally the best candles we've come across in years. They smell amazing and the floral designs look darling in every single room of the house. Best of all, on days when Kate's Golden Retriever is particularly odorous (he's the kind of dog who can't pass up a dirty puddle), these candles take her house from mud pit to garden party in minutes. And the best part - we emailed the company directly to confirm that all candles "are entirely cruelty-free and no animal products are used".

Each of the scents smell amazing - the kinds of fragrances that put you in touch with nature without having to actually leave the house. Our absolute favorite is Pomegranate & Sage, but Kate's taken the obsession to a new level and found a different scent for each room in her house.

  • Kitchen - Citrus & Oakmoss

  • Bathroom - Fern & Eucalyptus

  • Bedroom - Pomegranate & Sage

  • Living Room - Pine & Cyprus

Bottom line, If you're candle obsessed like us, BUY THESE CANDLES.

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